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A place for nursing professionals to share their favorite nursing stories, and to remind each other why being a nurse is so special.

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“My favorite nursing moment I had was with a resident back in 2018. He was a more difficult patient, but all he ever really wanted was someone to just sit and talk with. One night that’s exactly what I did. He couldn’t sleep, so I brought him… “


Ashley Hiraldo, LPN

“I worked at a facility on Easter morning amid a very pivotal time globally concerning the COVID-19 outbreaks. On Easter, I look forward to attending church. As an essential worker, while not able to attend worship service on Easter Sunday, I wanted to be…”


Yolanda Lee, CNA

“I was a new nurse during a 12-hour day shift. I went to the fridge to grab my bag for a quick lunch. I was starving. It had been a busy day with lots of orders and patients coming and going for tests. As I rounded the corner from the nurses station, I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye. She was the wife of the patient in room 502…”


Shona Quick, RN

“Due to COVID-19, many residents are confined to their room with a roommate or sometimes alone. Residents often only have one TV to share or none. Activities are not how they used to be due to no social gatherings. This brings me to one of my favorite things to do for the residents… “


Francesca Miller, LPN

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