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“We are a small but mighty crew of heroes here, at Richboro. We’re only an 82 bed facility which means that we don’t have a lot of extra staff that we can pull from other units to cover call outs. So during the height of COVID-19, our building was hit really hard – over half of our residents tested positive. At any given time we had almost a third of our small staff out sick. During that time, our staff rallied together and worked double shifts, worked on their days off, and stayed late. We did whatever we needed in order to give care to our residents. They sacrificed time with their families and put themselves on the front line day after day just to make sure our residents were still cared for. Every single Nurse, CNA, Dietary, Housekeeper, and Therapist. Every person here lent a hand wherever and whenever they could.  

Every single one of them is my hero. They risked their own health and well being and we will forever be indebted to them for that.”