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“Sydney McBride is the Executive Director and always goes above and beyond for her employees. Each morning she reads a passage from a book called “A Carrot A Day”. It shares inspirational ideas of how to recognize and make your employees feel important and appreciated. She celebrates every birthday for employees by personally making them a brownie sundae and delivering it to them. The whole leadership team has worked countless hours both day and night, all while maintaining a positive attitude.

We have a social worker who worked the floor as an STNA when needed, even though he has so much work to do already. We also have a activity coordinator that will jump in and work the floor when needed as well. Overall, I have never seen so much positive energy and so many people willing to jump in and help with what is needed. From cleaning up water from a flooded toilet to gardening outside, they always go above and beyond.

For example, the Activities Coordinator helped put together a ‘tailgate’ party for the Assisted Living residents and their families. We placed residents in a parking spot with a chair and table and their family parked in the opposite parking spot. We grilled burgers and hotdogs and had chips, candy, and water available. The family and residents loved it! I was so impressed with how effectively we were able to pull it off and the level of thought and care that went into the entire activity was far above what was expected of us. But we did it because we wanted to. Everyone is so interactive with the residents and family which makes this place a real ‘home’ environment. I just love it here and I am so lucky to be a part of the Ohio Living Quaker Heights Team!”