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“Being a nurse is something that I’ve always desired. It isn’t about money, it isn’t just a career, it’s a field with unlimited personal growth and knowledge to gain.

To me, nursing is about making a difference in people’s lives. And even if it goes unnoticed, it’s still a reward that warms my heart. By nature, I’ve always been compassionate, patient and judgement-free. During this pandemic, I am constantly challenged and have put my skills to the test. I’ve meet a lot of to people with different ethnic backgrounds, different walks of life, and different personalities. Each person I’ve gotten to take care of has given me new ways to see the world.  

On a daily basis, I nurse severely ill patients at their most vulnerable state. When I walk in their room I am always looking for ways to approach them at their level of comfort. 

But for me, nursing is something deeply personal. As a child, I lost one of my sisters from complications of cerebral palsy. A little over 10 years later, I lost my mother to a massive heart attack and soon after my father had hip surgery, and found out he was diabetic. I suffered from anxiety and depression at a young age because I was so afraid to lose him as well and other family and friends. My father’s health was slowly declining so he was unable to work. We went from living comfortably to living in poverty. My early life forced me to come up with a solution to help others in any way possible. Obtaining a career in the healthcare was the first step for me.  

I’ve had different trials and tribulations of battling poverty, homeless, abuse, and instability. But I kept my motivation and was determined to be an LPN so I could provide for my family, care for my father, and give that same care to others in need. I don’t regret any obstacles I’ve endured, as I wouldn’t be as ready as I am now for any challenge that comes my way.  

As the youngest of my siblings, I graduated High School first, I am a first-generation college graduate. This pandemic motivates me to further my education as an RN. The 1,000 dollars will help me achieve my goals and provide for my family. “