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When the COVID-19 outbreak started, our DON, Shawn, made sure we had a unit up and ready for the outbreak. We did so well that the CDC came to our building to see what she had implemented. Then, a week later, they called and asked her to make a training video for the CDC. In August, our building was hit with COVID. With the help of an agency, our team worked so hard to care for all of our residents.

We lost so many of those that we were trying to keep safe. It took two and a half months but we are finally COVID free. Our team works so hard to make sure family members get to see their loved ones by video call and window visits. The pandemic has taken a toll on our residents as well, who their families and the interactions they no longer can have with them. The holidays are so hard for everyone, but our team is doing everything they can to keep people’s spirits up. Our team of healthcare heroes need a light at the end of the tunnel!