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“My favorite nursing moment was from a few weeks ago. 

I was working in a dementia unit at a facility and was told one resident in particular is very difficult to deal with. Being a person who loves a good challenge, I made it my mission to work with this resident to see if I could somehow make her day and put a smile on her face. I made time to sit down and talk to her, listen to the stories of her past from what she could remember, and just made her feel important and as if she mattered; which is all she really wanted.

She held my hand and thanked me for taking the time to be patient and talk to her. She said that no one ever stops and listens to her because they’re too busy. I realized in that moment that the resident wasn’t “difficult,” she was just lonely and misunderstood. I will always remember that it’s small acts of kindness that can mean the world to someone and make a difference in their life.

Being a nurse is something I take such pride in. And as a nursing professional, I can truly say I love what I do. This is my true calling and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”