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“I never thought that the year of the nurse would be so devastating. 

I work full time at a community health center and per-diem with IntelyCare. At the beginning of the pandemic when schools were closing, I worked full-time Monday through Friday at the community center. On Friday, I would get off at 5pm and take a nap before picking up an 11pm to 7am shift. I would work Saturday and Sunday, then back to my full-time job on Monday.
Because of the pandemic, my eight year old son stayed with my parents. My only communication with him was phone and facetime. I was dedicated to working as many hours as I could to care for patients in SNF and other health care facilities.

I worked three months straight with no days off because the patients needed me, they needed a compassionate nurse to hold their hands during this crazy time. I could also tell that my fellow nurses that worked day-in day-out in the SNF needed a break, so I’d pick up their shifts. One night as I was on the phone with a friend, I pulled up to my assigned facility, I looked up and saw a gurney being loaded into the back of a van. I started to cry and pray for the patient on the stretcher and their family. I prayed for the world that day. But the world needed me to take care of it’s sick, too. So I wiped my tears, gathered my things, and entered the building with a smile on my face and a cheerful ‘hello’. Nursing is not just what we do, it’s who we are.”