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“I have been very proud of the staff at Carriage Hill Assisted Living during this difficult time. They are going above and beyond to lift residents spirits and get them smiling. From dancing and singing in the hallways, assisting with FaceTime, or just lending an ear. We try our best to find ways for residents to communicate with their families. The staff themselves have changed their lifestyles as suggested by the state for the health and safety of our residents and their coworkers. They have also been great with helping pick up shifts due to the quarantine rules that forced out-of-state college students that have worked in our facility to return home.  

We also find fun ways to help them celebrate the holidays. For example, the staff did a secret Santa for all the residents where we dressed as Santa and elves to hand out gifts and hot chocolate. We always try to do special things for our residents and that’s what I love about Carriage Hill. I really hope you consider my staff/facility for this award because they definitely deserve it in my eyes and I wish I could do more for them as well. Thank you!”

– Connie Bush


Carriage Hill realizes that the pandemic has two parts. The medical COVID-19 concerns are front and center. But  mental health of the residents is also front-of-mind for us. These times have been so difficult on the morale of the residents, the staff and the families of the residents.   

Carriage Hill has been blessed with staff that are able to keep residents’ spirits up and provide for them medically, even while working many hours of overtime. Loretta, the Director of Nursing, always has a smile on her face, even after working an overnight shift due to a call-out. Sara, the Administrator, always has a positive attitude and works very hard to keep the families happy and connected with their loved ones. Connie, the Care Coordinator, has tirelessly managed the ever-changing staff schedule, all with a smile on her face. And Jason, an owner, often serves breakfast to the residents. We can’t help but smile while we hear him say good morning to each resident. 

Carriage Hill has also purchased a plastic visitor station to ensure that loved ones can continue to visit during the colder winter. I can’t say enough good things about Carriage Hill!”  

– Melanie Dupuis