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“The staff at St. Camillus were diligent in their efforts to keep the virus at bay and keep their residents safe. They came to work everyday because the bond that exist between staff and residents is just as strong as the bond between loved ones. 

When the first person in our facility tested positive, staff stepped up to the challenge. And when the Department of Health restricted visitation, staff set up face time calls with families to lessen the feelings of isolation. We allowed the residents they cared so deeply about to connect, albeit briefly with their families. Even though the challenge was daunting, the staff provided exceptional care for the residents and checked on each other to ensure we were taking care of each other. Staff weren’t able to fully mourn the loss of their beloved residents but they worked tirelessly to care for those afflicted with COVID-19 while keeping those that tested negative safe and well. 

Several months later, the staff held a memorial service for families in an effort to give them some form of closure, while practicing social distancing on each unit. This allowed residents an opportunity to say goodbye to their friends.   

The unwavering compassion, devotion, and kindness exhibited by the staff during a highly stressful time when healthcare providers and the community at large received conflicting messages regarding COVID was extraordinary. While hospital workers were glorified in the press, nursing home workers were absent. These forgotten members of the healthcare continuum are true heroes!”