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Due to COVID-19, many residents are confined to their room with a roommate or sometimes alone. Residents often only have one TV to share or none. Activities are not how they used to be due to no social gatherings. This brings me to one of my favorite things to do for the residents…

I often play on YouTube music from the residents’ era. I had one resident in particular who was a WW2 dancer! She would often sit in her room with no one to communicate with, due to her dementia she can’t talk. I decided to search on YouTube “WW2 music” and found multiple playlists. I decided to play it for her and the result was amazing! She got right up and started dancing, clapping her hands, and wanted me to join her! So I did! We had so much fun.

Another resident saw us and asked if I could do the same with him, and of course, I said yes! I asked him if he liked Frank Sinatra and he said “I sure do,” so I decided to give him my phone and let him listen to the playlist while I finished out my medication and treatments for the night. He was so happy and kept thanking me.

It really brought me so much joy that something so simple would cause so much happiness during these difficult times for the residents.

– Francesca Miller, LPN