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My favorite nursing moment I had was with a resident back in 2018.

He was a more difficult patient, but all he ever really wanted was someone to just sit and talk with. One night that’s exactly what I did. He couldn’t sleep, so I brought him up to the nurses’ station, grabbed him some snacks and he told me amazing stories about his life. He was a wonderful man.

He fell one day and he slowly declined after that. Every night I was on he would be the first I checked and the last I checked when I left out the door in the morning. I would hold his hand and talk to him and let him know he wasn’t alone. When I saw he was about to go, I called his family to come in and they were so thankful to have those last few moments before he left this Earth.

I am so thankful I had that experience with him. I’ll never forget him!

– Ashley Hiraldo, LPN